I empower, educate & equip people to take charge of their health so they can thrive, prosper & live enriched lives.

~Dr. Anya

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Love Your Guts! $29

  • Learn how to optimize your digestive system and immune health through nutrition.
  • Learn what to avoid, consume, and how to support your digestive and immune systems to operate optimally.
  • Recipes & lots of bonus materials included!

The Anti-Diet! $174

  • 6-week course to guide you step-by-step through healthy weight management.
  • Learn how to nourish your body, reduce inflammation, navigate nighttime eating, meal prep 101, and how to manage your weight in a healthy manner.
  • Recipes included!

Happy Healthy Holidays! $29

  • Are you ready to have your happiest & healthiest holiday season yet?!
  • Learn how to have your happiest healthiest holiday season yet with Dr. Anya’s holistic, easy-to-incorporate tips, recommendations & suggestions for healthy eating, stress management techniques and even tips for surviving family gatherings!
  • FREE GIFT - Energy Boosting “Guilty Pleasure” Recipe Booklet for all who register ($35 value)

"In health there is happiness!"

Yours in health,

~Dr. Anya

Who Is

Dr. Anya Szigeti?

Hi, I am Dr. Anya F. Szigeti, Founder of The Szigeti Method, Founder + CEO of Back to Health Functional Medicine, Best-Selling Author “You Can’t Outrun Your Fork,” Ultra-marathoner, Ironman Triathlete, Veteran, Wife & Doxie-mom.

Dr. Anya Szigeti, DC, DABCI, MBA

CEO & Founder of Back to Health Functional Medicine


Website: www.backtohealthfunctionalmedicine.com

Appointment Booking: https://backtohealthfunctionalmedicine.janeapp.com/

(727) 902-0163 (w)

Best-Selling Author - "You Can’t Outrun Your Fork”



Founder of The Szigeti Method



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